Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing in Seattle - An Overview

We are an inter-generational urban community committed to sustainable living on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. You can read about all our participating households in our community ranging in age from 11 to early-70s, families, singles and couples. All people and families are welcomed. We took occupancy in mid-June 2016 and all units are spoken for at this time.

Our story started with Grace Kim & Mike Mariano. As architects they have studied CoHousing, written a book on Designing the Cohousing Common House, and designed Daybreak CoHousing in Portland. Together they have held a vision of urban cohousing for many years and purchased the property on Capitol Hill in 2008, hoping to attract others who share their values.

Some of the details

  • Our property is located at 1720 and 1722 12th Avenue between Howell & Olive on the east side of the street. We demolished the existing building.
  • Located one block east of Cal Anderson Park, a five minute walk from the future light rail station due to open next year.
  • We have targeted high Built-Green or LEED guidelines for achieving as many high-performance sustainability metrics for energy and water usage as is financially feasible both now and planning for future upgrades.
  • Construction began November 13, 2014 and we moved-in mid-June, 2016.
  • We worked with developer Maria Barrientos’ firm, known for unique urban development focused on making places, not just building buildings, many of them on Capitol Hill.
  • There is a working, year-round  Rooftop Farm out-sourced to Seattle Urban Farm Company & interns from local community colleges.
  • There is no onsite automobile parking.
  • We are a non-smoking and gun free community, we allow pets, Share 3 meals a week and are child-friendly.
  • Lot size: 4500 sf
  • Number of homes: 9
  • Home sizes: 850-1,400 sf (2-3 BR)
  • We are setup as a long-term rental model starting at market rates with minimal increases as necessary.
  • Rents: are at market rate for new construction on Capitol Hill.


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Photography Credit

Special thanks to Alex Garland Photography for the ground-breaking ceremony images with hard-hats and to the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

NOTE: There are currently NO units available. We suggest you subscribe to our mailing list to be notified should that change.