Our Vision & Our Values

Our Vision

We are an urban community bridging generations, aiming to be good neighbors on Capitol Hill. We value sharing and seek health, both for ourselves and our planet.


Our Values

  • Sharing
    Sharing is the bedrock of our community. We commit to supporting each other by sharing resources and knowledge, and embracing life’s experiences good and bad.
  • Environmental Awareness
    Understanding the web of life is complex, we commit to making conscious choices that honor our relationship to the earth.
  • Intergenerational
    Appreciating the wisdom that comes from every stage of life, we foster a community that supports each individual from child to elder.
  • Neighborhood Partnership
    Recognizing the limitations of insular living, we commit to being an active part of our Capitol Hill neighborhood as both leaders and learners.
  • Healthy Individuals
    Knowing that a community is only as healthy as its members, we commit to taking responsibility for our personal growth and development, both physical and emotional.
  • Healthy Community
    In order to foster healthy relationships and a healthy community, we commit to communicating with respect, compassion, authenticity, with the intention of identifying solutions together.