Teams (2-3 people each) (meet regularly to plan, discuss, decide)

Teams manage their area ensuring needed work gets done, organizes work parties, etc

Finance: manage the income/expenses/budget planning and CPA & Accountant

Garden: rooftop, courtyard, front/back parking strips

Emergency Preparedness: planning ahead and running drills

Common House: includes Guest Room, kitchen & bathroom,

  • Meal Team Rotation Setup
  • CH Supply Shopping
  • Organize Bi-annual CH Clean-up

Building Maintenance: 

  • Handyman: on-call for needs in units & Common spaces
  • Super“: coordinates individuals who then schedule building inspections/maintenance, supervises contractors on-site – Admin
  • Facility Systems: recognizing & solving building issues and looking at major purchases 
  • Outdoor Common Areas Cleaning: (walkways, gutters, entry, stairs) for example gutters: someone on each floor Early Spring & Late Fall; Stairs and elevator: once a month
  • Building Reserve: coordinates w/Finance & Facilities

Neighborhood Engagement:  CHUC participation in neighborhood events,

Tasks– need to document timing, frequency & logistics



Little Free Library: maintain box, procure books from Twice Sold Tales, set up sub as needed

Retreat/Getaway: plan & schedule, venue liaison

Security: manages equipment including troubleshooting and replacement (cameras & wifi), changing back door codes on a schedule and creating special use front door codes

Marketing/Technology: maintains website, internal & external FB, MailChimp, incoming emails

CHUC Community Fund (ad hoc?): Funds food system, retreat, misc purchases like furniture. 

Not currently active as teams

Minutes/ Decision Documentation: communication with those not present at discussions and meetings –  done on a meeting by meeting basis

Facilitation: do we have some group drive the wall charts or a new system? Making sure regular meetings are scheduled or rescheduled as needed.

Consensus: keepers of process

Conservation – reviews and makes suggestions for improving water and energy conservation

Community Life includes Kids: internal events and traditions, sets annual calendar, retreats, finds leads

Conflict Resolution: second step after direct conversation and before outside assistance