Our Plans & Building Construction

schemata workshop logoSchemata Workshop is designing an urban cohousing community in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The 4,500sf lot provides nine homes, community space, ground-related commercial space. This high mass, long-life building is designed to minimize energy and water consumption through extenisve integrated strategies. The compact homes will have an open floor plan with optimized daylighting and cross-ventilation. Construction began in November 2014 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. This is theĀ the full plans as of November 2013 submitted for the Master Use Permit which was accepted. And this PDF is the most up to date floorplan as of October 2014. We have designed to achieve very near-Passivhaus standards, though our energy and water strategies consultant, Ecotope, found negligible 100-year return on taking it all the way to PH. With the detailed analysis, we’ve optimized the envelope and systems to balance the initial capital cost and material usage with long term energy and water savings.
architectural drawing of building design

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